Png grade 10 selection list 2020

Png grade 10 selection list 2020

Grade 12 school leavers can now access the internet and find out about the status of their placements in higher education institution, for the academic year. The Higher Education Department has released the official, a roll out of the online selection system. It was officially released for Grade 12 school leavers, who have been selected through the Online Selection System to registered tertiary institutions for the academic year.

png grade 10 selection list 2020

All students with a GPA of 2. First and second preferences indicated were used to allocate a place at a Higher Education Institution; while GPA and subject related entry requirements were used for ranking of the selection list. All others that selected the option to be considered for alternate offers were allocated space to which they exclusively met entry requirements. In the meantime, the public has been advised that one institution, initially provided incorrect student quota after it overestimated its own capacity and will enroll fewer students.

And any offers given outside of the Online Selection System will not be considered for national scholarship. Primary Menu. Search for: Search. Share 52 Grade 12 school leavers can now access the internet and find out about the status of their placements in higher education institution, for the academic year.

New intakes from this list will receive an admissions offer letter or notice. Staycey's experience extends to three years in the Print media covering Politics and Education. Related posts.This post discusses the timeline for the release of Grade 10 online result and Grade 11 selection listing.

The link to the Grade 10 online result given below. Grade 10 students sit the national examinations in October every year. The provincial examinations supervisors PESs are the exam coordinators in the provinces. The checking and cleansing of data usually take place before the Grade 11 selection. The activity is time-bound. MSD releases the results of Grade 8, 10 and 12 after data checks and data cleansing are completed. In particular, MSD processes the Grade 10 examination results and makes it available online.

And, releases it to the GES and principals for Grade 11 selections. The spaces at secondary and national high schools are limited to the class sizes and the number of classes.

2020 Non-School Leavers Application Form

It is perhaps important to note that other factors also determine the chance of selecting a Grade 11 student a school. Some of the influential factors are listed below:. The launching of online results happens after the checking and cleansing of the examination data. The online results make it easy for students, parents and guardians to access the results at their convenience. As mentioned earlier, the Grade 10 results become available online around November.

The Grade 10 online results were launched on the 3rd of November Now available via the link mypngexamresults. The Grade 10 results used in the selections are also made available online for parents, guardians and students to see. The selection can take up to a week or two. Meanwhile, students, parents and communities will have to wait for the official announcement and publication on the Education Department website.

Or, you can click here to go straight to the Department of Education website for the Grade 11 selection list. The Grade 11 selections for will take about a week or two. To put it in perspective, the overall timeline which may not be the same year-on-year are as follows:.The best place to check is the university's website. Hey, if you are requesting for a application form, specify the institution. Or follow the link in the post above. The application form for will be available via the respective links above.

Check back later. Meanwhile, download the applications and complete it as you wait Ok, I checked for upng application form but not yet available online. I really want upng online application. When will that be published. If it is available Online please let me know via email. I really want school leaver application form for those students who had excluded for two semesters.

Please let me know via my email. I really need NSL application form. Please let me know via email. Could you please send me the application form for Checked through but looks like its not yet ready Thanks in advance My email bolgygena gmail. Hey what about the application forms for colleges. Thank you for the message. UPNG application form will be available through the above link when the uni updates it website.

Only is available a. When does application form for UOG comes out? Toksave: UoG announced that its application forms will be out on its as early as next week. I check the application forms but not yet available. When will it be ready? I need an application form for UPNG Please send me one. I have been searching online but it has not given me a proper feedback. Need a UPNG application form. Please I need an application form for UPNG in ,could you send me an application form early as possible.Note that four universities out of six see the list below have uploaded the NSL application forms on their websites at the time of this post.

Presently, the four universities listed in 1 — 4 have updated their websites by uploading the Non-School Leavers Application Form. The links point directly to the university websites. But, their NSL application forms for academic year are unavailable. You can get in touch by calling, emailing or visiting them. Important details for NSL applicants — such as application process, dates and application fees — are provided for the non-school leavers.

In anticipation to launch a strong application, consider the important detail before applying to a teacher training institution. Especially, take note of the dates and application fees for NSL applying to a teacher training institution in the country.

The application fee is set by the PNG department of education. The education secretary, after the first and second vetting, endorses the selection list of non-school leavers. Presently, the education personnel in the provinces especially the head of training institutions, chairpersons of governing councils, Guidance Officers and other key education officers will have relayed the information to students. The NSL apply directly to universities of their choice.

For those who may not know, here are the various groups of NSLs. The school leavers are the current Grade 12 students. There, the selectors from universities select their first-year students. The national high, international and secondary schools only guide students with their university choices online. This is followed by the selection which is also done electronically.

Over 300,000 Grade 10 Students Complete First Two National Examination Papers

The grade 12 students will get the results online, unlike in the past when the university selection list is published in print media. The comments on the original post indicated the need for universities to update their admission web page promptly.

PNG Insight is an independent website focusing on providing information relating to education and development.

Share the information about NSL applications forms and process if you find it helpful. Skip to content. Recently, PNG Insight receives an overwhelming request for the non-school leavers application forms. University links to non-school leavers application form Click on the links to get the NSL application forms for the six PNG universities.

It appears that the universities have NOT updated the web page. Meanwhile, you can check out the links.

Grade 10 Online Result and Grade 11 Selection Timeline

Teacher training institutions applicants info This information is for NSL applying to the teachers training institutions in the country.

A vetting committee must verify the following information on all applications: Grade 10 and 12 certificates are from recognised schools and matriculation centres; The applicants must have left school in the last 5 years. For example, non-school leaver applicants must complete Grade 12 between and ; Minimum grade point average of 2.My brother was placed in the admission pool through his account.

However he was now enlisted to study as a school leaver under the department of Architecture and Building Construction. So we're still waiting for his ecceptance letter. Who will send his ecceptance letter; OUT or dherst. He has a GPA of 3.

2020 Non-School Leavers Application Form

Read the post below. Check this and confirm his name. Better still, turn up at regitrastration. I brother is selected to Madang Technical college this academic year but he is not recieving the acceptance letter from the college and we are still waiting. Any latest updates please email to nelsonpepae16 gmail.

Thanks for your consideration. I am one of the tesas awardee ,I got my voucher number but when went to airniugini collect my ticket my name did not appear.

png grade 10 selection list 2020

I was selected to pngunre. I'm getting a GPA of 2. Dherst said my application has been sent to national admission pool and I'm still waiting please any latest information about that? If any information about that my email address:mosesfuemba gmail. Post a Comment. It's all in one PDF file and easy to check the selected students for each uni and college in the country.

png grade 10 selection list 2020

You may find the hints and tips below helpful when checking for the students on the tertiary selection list for Stats of Grade 12 students selected to tertiary institutions in 3.The calculation focuses on the 5 subjects students take at upper secondary schools. In fact, the Grade 12 students should study for a minimum of 5 exams per subject at the upper secondary school.

The Measurement Services Division recommends that 5 subjects are mandatory for certification. Here is how the calculation was done based on the Grade 12 examination results A — F and Grade Point between 4 and 0, respectively.

Do you think a tertiary institution selector will select this student? The dilemma this Grade 12 student faces is twofold. He has a GPA of 2. Yet he may not be selected because his grades in Chemistry and Economics are very low.

This student will be put in the reserve pool until space becomes available. This student can take two possible options. The first option is to upgrade the Chemistry and Economics marks. The second option is to self-sponsor. Both options will cost money. Prepare to spend some money on interventions like this. I thought it would be a good idea to disseminate this information to students at this time of the year. Your grades are awarded a number from 0. It sounds complicated but in fact, it is straight forward if you have your transcript ready.

You can either use online calculators or use the formula to work out your GPA. I prefer to use the formula for calculating GPA on Excel spreadsheet.

If you need help, let me know on Twitter or leave a message below. Here are three stand-out reasons why you should know the university GPA. If you are looking for a job, it is useful to know your GPA; If you are applying for a scholarship, many overseas institutions will ask for your GPA; and continuing students should be mindful to stay above a GPA of 2.

In some cases, 2.From the past selections, the lists are often finalised around November and published in December on the Education Department website. The Grade 11 selections for every secondary and national high school in the country is done by the school principal.

In practice, the school principals would meet annually in Port Moresby and select the students based upon their school leavers choices and marks. The prints are very small. One problem you may face is that it can be quite difficult to identify the names of the student. The link provided above.

To make it easy, type the name of the student in the search bar and click search. If the name is on the selection list, it will appear in a matter of seconds. It is important to make sure the selected student from the feeder school goes to the right upper secondary school. You can do that by cross-check the selection list or confirm with the school admin. This is an ideal time to correct any spelling error or misunderstanding. If it means calling the school, the new Grade 11 student and parents may have to do that before school starts.

Iron out any misunderstanding you may have as the key stakeholder. Many town schools are day-schools but it is better to visit your school before the new academic year starts.

Visiting the schools is vital as parents and you may meet the teachers and school admin, and get information prior to starting school. You will need new clothes, uniforms and shoes before p classes commence. But above all, it is a must to have biros, ruler, bag and calculator for use in maths lessons. Education is becoming very competitive. Set target for the national grade 12 exams and work towards it.

You can celebrate in style too. Do some charity work. Or be a good Samaritan. Do good works in secret and unintentionally. The good you do now will come back to you in amazing ways. Get the latest info on education and development topics in PNG. It took 12 days from the time for selection to finalise the complete listing and published it online.


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